*Dried condition (25g)
energy: 85kcal

*After preparation (60g) 
energy: 28kcal

Q. Is this product safe from radiation?

About radiation, it depends on which area the products' ingredients came from.
If you worry, please contact us, we will do our best to collect the information from the manufacturer. 

Q. Is there any instruction in English?

We are sorry for that most of our products do not have any English instruction.
Please check the product page, or contact to us to know the detail.

Q. How long does it take to ship to Norway?

You can check from following page to know the cost and time.

About Norway, there was no data of time. We are sorry for this inconvenience. 
Just for reference, usually when we ship to European country, it will take about a week.
The shipping cost is calculated automatically on our website. You just need to put the products into the cart and proceed the checkout procedure, then at the "Step 3" you can see the total cost of your order. Please do not worry, the order will not be completed before you pull down the "submit order" button. So that if the cost is not satisfied for you, you just close the window, then the order will disappear.

Q. Do you ship to Malaysia?

Yes, we do. It will take only three days to get to Malaysia.
We usually use EMS to ship products. You can check the area EMS delivering from following page.
Kam Kam pot is a rice cooker. You need to put it into a pressure cooker which size is capiable the pot you want to cook rice. If the size is OK, it does not matter of which company's products the pressure cooker is.
We are very willing to receive this kind of inquiry, and we would love to corporate with you to spread good products to all over the world. If you have any product that you are interested in wholesale, please contact us from following form.

About foods, we can provide you special price of our original food line "Premashanti".

Most of other foods are back-order products so we can not provide for wholesale.

Dried shiratake in 25g is 80 kcal in dried conditon, 13kcal by soaking in water.

Purun Puan in 25g is 85 kcal in dried condition, 28kcal by soaking in water.
Usually we will delivery to your address.